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Getting Organized

How Organizing Your Time Better Can Help You Save Money

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Everyone deals with procrastination from time to time. Putting off work, chores, errands… sometimes it’s necessary! But have you ever thought about the ways procrastinating might be costing you money? Let’s think about how the…

Airplane at the Gate

Tips for Saving Money at the Airport

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If you’re planning a vacation, you’ve probably already factored in many expenses in your budget. We’ve talked about ways to save money on accommodation, ways to save money on food, and even ways to save…

Workbench with a sander

Is Do It Yourself Always Worth It

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If I haven’t said it before, I am a huge fan of DIY projects. Ever since I was young, I have always liked to learn how to do things around the house. Not all of…

Wallet Filled with Credit Cards

Are You Planning On Spending More On Your Credit Card?

, Grayson Bell, 1 Comment

It seems that with the news that our economy is stabilizing, people are feeling more confident in their financial situations. In a study by, it is projected that credit card spending will increase by…

Lounging Worker

5 Signs That You Might Be Laid Off – and What You Can Do?

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You might be a fantastic employee, but in today’s shaky economy, there’s no such thing as job security. Layoffs are a sadly reality; and unfortunately, if your company has to reduce staff to keep the…

Monopoly Salary Increase

How to Give Yourself a $5,000/Year Raise

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What would you do with an extra $5,000 a year? The possibilities are endless, right? You could pay down some debt, treat yourself to a nice vacation, stash some cash away for a down payment…

Coins Sprouting

Have Free Time? Try Making Some Money

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As I have said before, you can only cut your expenses by so much in order to save money. Many people are trying to create and stay within a budget by just focusing on their…

Open Road

Don’t Let Your Past Mistakes Hold You Back

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Does the past predict the future? Some would say yes and some would say no. I don’t feel that the past does predict the future, but I do think it helps mold it. Things that…

Credit Card and Bills

The Ebbs and Flows of Consumer Spending

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According to CNBC, consumer debt rose by 2.1 percent in the fourth quarter of 2013. This correlates to the largest increase since 2007. The biggest question is why does this happen? Aren’t we still surrounded…