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AvantCredit Roasted chicken recipe

Roasted Chicken with Sage Butternut Squash and Red Potatoes

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Editor’s note: When you walk in the door to a hungry family, weeknights can get tricky. Keeping the food on your dinner table interesting while sticking to a budget is a challenge. AvantCredit Payments Specialist…

avantcredit_Losing Your Job? Here’s How to Protect Your Savings_1

Losing Your Job? Here’s How to Protect Your Savings

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It should come as no surprise that you need a savings account. But not just an account — an account with actual funds in it. Unexpected expenses like a home repair, a car repair or…

AvantCredit 7 Ways for Singles to Stay in Control of Their Finances

7 Ways for Singles to Stay in Control of Their Finances

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If you’re single and can pay your bills with no help from your parents or a partner, you deserve a high-five. The cost of living isn’t getting any cheaper – and depending on where you…

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The 6 Best Financial Resources Online

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The first step in taking control of your finances is having the right financial resources available to you. We talked to our team and asked them for the tools and resources they recommend to friends…

5 Ways to Turn Down Requests for Money

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Between high unemployment and the fact that the majority of Americans can’t afford a $1,000 emergency, according to a survey by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, it’s no surprise that most people aren’t where…

AvantCredit factors that impact your credit score

Little Known Factors That Can Impact Your Credit Score

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We’ve taken a look at what a credit score is and how your credit score is calculated, now we want to give you some serious insights. There are number of things that may impact your credit…

Avant Credit

Q&A with John Sun, Chief Risk and Credit Officer at AvantCredit

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AvantCredit received some recent press highlighting how the company uses data to tailor loans to the unique financial situations of its customers. On Better Terms, the AvantCredit blog, sat down with co-founder/Chief Risk and Credit…

AvantCredit_Loan Calculators: A Collection

Loan Calculators: A Collection

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Loan calculators are a great tool when trying to figure out what loan provider is right for your needs. These calculators use basic information like loan amount, interest rate, and loan terms (usually the number…

AvantCredit_5 Ways to Give Gifts Without Using a Credit Card_1

5 Ways to Give Gifts Without Using a Credit Card

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Between your family, friends and coworkers, you might have a pretty large social circle. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing — until you have to spend money buying gifts for these people. The more people…

AvantCredit_7 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Entrepreneurial Success_1

7 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Entrepreneurial Success

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When you’re tired of punching a time clock and slaving for a boss, starting your own business can provide the freedom and satisfaction you desire. But even if you have an incredible idea for a…